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  • For a full list of Civil Service classifications or information regarding these classifications please visit
  • ATTENTION Southern Illinois University Carbondale does not utilize all of the classifications listed on the SUCSS website.
  •  • To apply for a Civil Service Position, please click on the job you are interested in.
  •  • Review the minimum and special qualifications.
  •  • If you are interested and qualify, click on the blue “Apply for Position” box.
  •  • Please complete all online application materials (or update your online application if you’ve already submitted one in HireTouch)” even if you have previously applied to jobs at SIU Carbondale.  Complete all 5 steps of the application, provide appropriate transcripts, licenses and certificates.
  • To begin the application process use the online application instructions.

Continuous Postings/Classifications

  • Applications for these positions are accepted on a continuous basis.  Vacancies in these classifications may not be posted or advertised.  Only applicants who previously applied to the classification, taken the examination, and is active on the employment register may be considered when there is an opening in these classifications.


Current Vacancies

  • These positions have specific deadlines listed in the job details of the posting.  If you are interested in these positions press "Apply to Position" and complete the Civil Service Application prior to the deadline.


Civil Service Postings